every minute they along with corporations like tesco, herbal esssences and all the restaraunts & fast food chains you dine, nestle in are causing the absolute extinction of the rare orang utan species, while they decimate their only home for palm oil & sugar.

governments won't subsidize & retrain farmers in new careers, so they must do what they know - and corporations and people do all they can to ignore the serious issue so they can make more money and grow fat by eating millions of pounds of chocolate every year.

orang utans share 99 per cent the same DNA as humans - so really, this is corporations causing the mass-genocide of an already endangered species of life. buy or eat anything with palm oil or palm sugar harvested from the soon-to-be erased home of the orang utan, the blood is also on your hands.

stand the fuck up and refuse them.

there are myriad other ways to cook food & make chocolate. palm products are not needed. if the people - we - don't do anything, nobody else will. who wants a world where every animal is only a memory or an image file on an old hard drive?

humans at some point need to step back, say enough is enough, and actually give a fuck about the world they share with the rest of the species. we are animals too, but we currently behave more like a virus. we need to be better than this.

to see the destruction & loss of life up close, and the people devoting their lives to ending this chain of ignorance & bloodshed, please check out THE BURNING SEASON & donate money, aid or assistance to the orang utan orphanage.

more info about the palm oil/orang utan connection here.

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