the art of others will always inspire our own.


friend & talented spoken word poet John Charles wrote in his blog about the concepts behind his new album Micro-Epiphanies: In Other(s) Words, which you can freely download here. it's a great album i was also fortunate enough to design the cover art for.

this was my reply:

i believe the majority of music lately, not just hip-hop, but in most areas, are riding on the backs of others - while claiming originality and pure genius at the same time. the pop world is flooded with deluded folks like this, also industrial music to a strange extent too, along with others.

i think creativity and originality doesn't necessarily mean every single sound, thought, utterance, concept has to be entirely unique and never before contemplated, more that something is cool and unique and original when all the elements of an artist's experience, even including sampling, paraphrasing or covering another artist is done in a way that is different and exciting and engaging.

i hope my music stands on its own as a P45K song, but i also proudly wear my influences and inspirations at the same time.

i do my own thing, but i know those flavours are interwoven in my style or sound, but i'm not ashamed to say so, or to claim those elements are completely never-before-heard, whereas people like lady gaga and the rest of that scene, or the industrial club scene, or the littany of bands now emulating the sounds of the 80's all seem to be declaring their genius, when in fact they are the same as everyone else.

i think what you learn, what you grow up around is almost impossible to break away from subconsciously, if it had an impact on you, it will remain in your being long after, and will likely bleed through in new forms down the line.

embracing this is healthier than trying to outrun it, and being able to say "yeah. these guys were a huge inspiration" as opposed to "im a creative genius, better than the beatles!" or something equally stupid is something i respect.

talent takes on many forms, and the ones who talk least about their own skills are usually the ones who have the most blessings in their art. there is always something new, but at the same time the past is ever-present in our consciousness.

a ;P